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Project for young researchers 19BF037-01M

Ministry of education and science of Ukraine

Heterometallic spin-crossover complexes and their composites as multifunctional switchable materials
Materials with functional magnetic properties take an important place in the development of data store devices, active elements of sensors, microelectronic and microelectromechanical devices, carriers of biologically-active drugs, contrast agents etc. The purpose of this project is the design of new spin-crossover transition metal complexes and different functional materials based upon them. The project is pointed at obtaining heterometallic structures that are able to undergo thermally induced spin transitions. Such structures have a prospect of implementation as active elements of molecular switches, chemical sensors, molecular machines, photonic materials.

Project leader
Dr. Il'ya A. Gural'skiy
Research team
Dr. Sofiia V. Partsevska 
Dr. Dina D. Naumova
Volodymyr M. Hiiuk  
Valerii Y. Sirenko